Large work

Large work, good for fullscreen view
  1. BART Commuters: San Francisco - North Berkeley

    Initial sketches (drawn covertly from life, 5-10 minutes per sketch): ink on paper. Finished work (shown here), Adobe Illustrator vector art.
    BART Commuters
  2. U.S. Politicians and Media Personalities

    Caricatures of national figures during the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, created as studies for the Stewball comic "Poll Position." Pencil on paper.
    Politicians and Personalities
  3. Virginia Woolf

    Two key icons in Woolf's life and work: the St. Ives lighthouse and London's Big Ben, tolling in hourly "leaden circles." Colored pencil.
    Virginia Woolf
  4. All Walks of Life

    Ink on paper.
    All Walks of Life
  5. Surly Brownie

    Surly Brownie is a cranky lil' Girl Scout who can make a lanyard and kick your butt at the same time. Ink on paper, digital color.
    Surly Brownie